USD 100,000
  • $10
    Gift Card
    Viewers on Youtube
  • $30
    Gift Card
    Viewers on Youtube
  • $100
    Viewers on Youtube
  • $200
    Viewers on Youtube
  • $300
    Viewers on Youtube
  • $500
    Viewers on Youtube
  • $1000
    Viewers on Youtube

Submission on Google Form is available after the game is launched on September 7.

During the event, original gameplay videos about Infinite Magicraid should be posted on YouTube with the hashtags #infinitemagicraid and #InfiniteMagicraidStar, or they will be considered invalid.

The minimum duration of the video is 15 seconds. The content of the video is not limited, including but not limited to gameplay screen recordings or live videos, but the game slogan "Infinite Magicraid, Play to Slay " should be read at the end of the video or the official end card should be used in your video, or they will be considered invalid.Link of the End Card:

Click on the link below to fill out your entry information.


Your submission will be considered to be successful after you upload the corresponding YouTube link of your video on our Google Form.

Please confirm your email address at which you will be contacted if you win. The submission period is from 2:00 (UTC +0) on September 7 to 24:00 local time on September 21.

After the event ends at 24:00 local time on September 21, the number of cash rewards will be determined by the final number of your video viewers on YouTube. The more viewers, the better rewards. Complete the challenge to divvy up the prize pool of USD 100,000!

Due to a large number of participants, prizes will be awarded within approximately 10-15 working days after the results are announced.


Submitting an entry means you have read and agree to the following:

Your submission will be removed and disqualified if it contains illegal or inappropriate content.

Plagiarism, misappropriation, and other actions that violate others' copyright are strictly prohibited.

Your submission may be disqualified if the link is incorrect or invalid, or if your contact information is incorrect.

Infinite Magicraid team shall bear no responsibility in regard to disputes of your submissions. Instead, content creators shall bear all future implications that may arise.

The collection of submissions may be delayed or terminated if force majeure or other unexpected factors are encountered during the event.

Winners are responsible for their own tax liability in accordance with the personal income tax policies of their country or region. The actual amount is subject to change due to the laws and regulations and tax policies of your country or region.

Videos of adventurers who have built marketing partnerships with Infinite Magicraid will not be counted in this event.

Infinite Magicraid reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.